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"ISAIAH" is a project by Tomer Yeshayahu and Mika Avni, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The project incorporates elements of American and Greek folk music alongside North African influences.


The debut album, released in January 2014, received great reviews and many plays on Israel's leading radio stations. Since then, ISAIAH has been performing all over the country, taking part in festivals both in Israel and in Europe while the audience rapidly growing.



"The music done by "Isaiah" is hard to define, and maybe it doesn't need to be. It isn't Arabic or Greek music. But it isn't exactly pop or rock music either. All four styles are noticeable. Ishayahus' writing is just as sophisticated as it should be, so as the songs move gracefully between feelings and places. The songs on their debut album (soon to be released) manage to throw the listener into a verity of different mindsets and yet still maintain a uniform concept"

(Adi rotem, "Ha'aretz" newspaper, November 30th 2013)  




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